Frequently Asked Questions

What is a booking site?

A booking site is a powerful tool that allows you to set up your calendar, your resources (people, equipment, locations), and tailor a customer experience that is fluid and simple. Customers log on to your website, select a date and time from our built-in software, enter their information, then our powerful booking engine takes care of the rest. That appoinment goes straight to your connected calendar and everyone is alerted to the new appointment. You get information from your custom forms. Your customer gets a confirmation. No phone tag. No hassle.

Who is Periodic?


Periodic is the software company that powers BookWork. While BookWork is just one example of a marketplace, Periodic powers hundreds of these all over the world. If BookWork sounds too small for your needs, visit the link above to see all the Periodic can offer!

How do I get things started?

Once you have signed up, we do a kickoff call to help with implementation. From there, our Quick Start Guide and knowledge base articles will help with quesitons. You can also catch us on Intercom if you need help along the way.

Are there any hidden fees?

With BookWork, there are no hidden fees. Your monthly price is your monthly price.

What if I need my own marketplace as my company grows?

BookWork is powered by Periodic. Should your company grow to a point that you need to open your own private marketplace (complete with the ability to brand the customer experience further), we can easily migrate you to a clean, white-label marketplace that includes your current information and contents. This will open the door to many more possibilities and include more dedicated, ongoing customer support.

What are my integration options?

We offer two options for integration. You can use a direct link to a booking site that is hosted on BookWork. This will send your customers to a page that loads only your information and times, but is not directly on your website.

We also have the option to embed your provider booking site into your own personal website. This allows you to style a page the way you want, but load your booking site within that frame for a more custom look.

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